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Why Motorola Moto Z is good for an Entrepreneur.

Motorola Moto Z image
Motorola Moto Z

Being in business, you are probably looking for a phone that is effective not only in terms of the timeline it’s going to be on for, but also on the quality of service it offers you. As an entrepreneur, you want a phone a phone that assures you of reliability, Motorola Moto Z assures you that and then some.

Impressive Battery Capacity.

With a battery capacity of 2000mAh, there is so much business to literally carry out on this phone. The Longevity this removable battery offers you will ensure that none of your day to day client’s communication is held up due to lack of charge.

A 4 GB Random Access Memory.

The Motorola Moto Z promises you a RAM memory of up to 4GB. The performance on this phone ensures that it’s a high operation phone that will allow all of your business learning applications are well installed and accessed quickly and as randomly as you may require.

The 5.5’’ High Resolution Screen.

Moto Z Display image
Moto Z Display

The Motorola Moto Z’s 5.5 screen ensures that at a point where you cannot access your PC, you are able to work on it almost just as comfortably. Its 1440×2560 high resolution ensures that you have it easy to work on it.

It’s Operating System.

The Motorola Moto Z runs on the Android 6.0.1 operating system. Obviously, the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is literally the best Operating System we have right now in terms of speed and operational wise whose main focus is improving your user experience.

The Impressive 21 Mega Pixel Camera.

Moto Z Camera image
Moto Z Camera

 Being an entrepreneur, you obviously need a phone that will enable you take clear images whether there are document images to send over to clients or supplier, the Moto Z camera assures you clear shots of such documents. With the major shift in marketing into the online marketing, you are able to advertise your products online through clear images taken by your camera.

Internal Storage, 64GB.

The Moto Z prides itself to hold an internal memory of a whooping 64GB memory that is expandable via a micro SD up to 256GB.What you cannot save in this phone business documents wise with that kind of space is something I would not really tell.


With a 4G connectivity, you are assured of a swift connectivity to access your emails as well as other websites of your interest yours included as far as improving your business agility is concerned. We all know how annoying it normally has been with slow internet connectivity that doesn’t really give value to your money. Motorola Moto Z promises this to be a thing of the past.

It’s good pricing.

 Being an entrepreneur obviously means that cost is something you have to seriously consider in comparison to the kind of benefits you are going to get out of this particular investment. I call it an investment because that is what I believe getting a Moto Z is. With all the above features, I believe that any entrepreneur who is tech savvy and wants to leave an online mark, then the Motorola Moto Z is more than a step towards good business. It only goes for around $450.

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