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Sony Vaio pro 13 vs Pro 11 What one to Choose?

Sony Viao pro 13 vs Pro 11 image
Sony Vaio pro 13 vs Pro 11

The Sony Corporation has outdone itself this time round. Their Viao Pro line has been launched and we must say, we are impressed. The two most outstanding of the line are the Sony Viao Pro 13 and the Sony Viao Pro 11. However, the more compact Sony Viao pro 11 will most definitely be the one most people will be going to the Sony Shop for these particular reasons;

The Sony Vaio Pro 11 is More Compatible.

Sony Vaio  Pro 11 image

Sony Vaio Pro 11

Obviously the fact that it is a miniature version of the Pro 13 design wise does not escape our attention, but what really makes Sony Viao Pro 11 a winner is the fact that its smaller in size and lighter, under 2 pounds, and therefore more comfortable in terms of mobility especially if you are a person whose work calls for you to be frequently on the go, this means you laptop bag just got smaller and for this reason alone, you might want to be headed to a Sony shop for this sleek device.

It is way cheaper.

The two Sony pro versions almost offer the same functionality (equal RAM) save for the size and space. It is for this reason that it is difficult to understand why Sony Corporation decided to have the two computers that differently priced. With the Sony Vaio Pro 11 retailing at around $1150, it’s Pro 13 counterpart retails at about $1250 depending on which Sony shop you go to obviously. It is, for this reason, I don’t see why you should pay more. It makes sense to get the Sony Vaio Pro 11 for seeing they are not that different.

Refined Display.

The Sony Viao Pro 11 screen resolution in comparison to the Viao Pro 13 is more refined probably accounting to the fact that it is smaller, at only 11.3’’ in comparison to the Pro 13’s which is 16.3’’ The Sony Viao Pro 11 has better image clarity and for this reason (14% more pixels per an inch), they might be the popular version. You might want to visit a Sony shop close to you to be able to review this for yourself.

Higher Battery-Power Retention.

With the battery fully charged and the screen brightness adjusted accordingly, the Sony Viao Pro 11 is able to hold its power for up to 7 straight hours in comparison to the Viao pro 13 that goes for only six hours. Don’t you agree that going to a Sony shop and getting yourself a Sony Viao Pro 11 makes more sense as opposed to the bigger version of itself. If you need more power for your PC, then Sony Corporation has had you covered, you can go to any of the Sony shop and get an external battery for your Sony Viao Pro 11.

It is fast.

Believe it or not, the Sony Viao Pro 11 has a record boot time of less than 10 second and an equally impressive time of 2 seconds. Its solid state drive holds up to 128GB of data is also noteworthy as well as the 1.6GHZ i5-4200U Central Processing Unit.

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