Samsung Galaxy S8: Specs, Price and Release Date.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Image
Samsung Galaxy S8

Nothing clearly is going to slow down Samsung. Their resolve to continue with their Samsung Galaxy Series despite having recalled the Samsung Galaxy note 7 has been clear through their announcement of releasing their Galaxy S8 next year, 2017. The unconfirmed date for the Galaxy S8 release is February 28. This is being done in an effort by Samsung to advertise a new upgrade program, tagged the “The Galaxy upgrade program” that allows those that bought the ill-fated S7 the option to swap it with a Samsung Galaxy S8. However, according to Samsung, the availability of this service will be highly dependent on each country and it is therefore not clear whether it will be possible to do this is Europe and the US among other parts of the world. It is projected to go for $900.


Galaxy s8 Display image
Galaxy s8 Display

It is being claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in an impressive 5.2’’ screen with a resolution of up to 4k display with an incredible user interface. The High definition video quality plays on a keen resolution of about 4096 x 2160 megapixels. The Galaxy S8 has a screen is made of gorilla glass 5 and is, therefore, water and scratch resistance.


Galaxy s8 Camera image

Galaxy s8 Camera

With a primary rear Camera that prides 30 mega Pixel and and a front camera that sports 12 mega pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8. Take note that even the front Camera has a dual LED flash.


The Galaxy S8 has an impressive internal memory of 64/128 GB that has an expandable capability via an external SD card of about 256 Giga bytes. The other very distinct feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the smart option of the 500mpbs read and write speed that really makes it very fast for you transfer files to your Galaxy S8. It also comes with a 6GB RAM that is going to make it very fast in terms of its operations as well as running a high number of applications without any sign of “fatigue”.


With a non-removable battery of 6200mAh, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the phone with the highest battery capacity yet. The Galaxy S8 comes with a wireless charger that has a quick charge option that assures you of up to 80 percent battery charging in a span of 30 minutes.

Biometric Security feature.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a distinct feature that employs the use of a sensor on your finger print. The highly responsive sensor makes sure that the only person with access to your Galaxy S8 is only yourself or any other person authorized by you given you are the only one to authorize any access.


To begin with, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity capability which is the latest tech and is a HTML supported device. It also promises the strongest Wi-Fi direct hotspot connectivity in comparison to the rest in the Samsung mobile devices.

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