Battery Saving Tips for Android Phones

Battery Saving Tips for Android Phones

Battery Saving Tips for Android Phones
Battery Saving Tips for Android Phones

With all the good features that come with Android smartphones, their one we must all agree is a phone trick that has eluded most of us, Android tips to save the battery! Well, through some a bit of research and from personal experiences, I am glad to announce a few of the Android tips you ought to be applied to save your battery.

Turning off the Vibrate Option

What most people don’t realize is that the vibration option on your Android phone takes most of your power, more than it does consume when in the ringing mode. The buzzing you feel when you type on your keys is also another battery power consumer I should point out. Unless you are in a noisy place and expects a very important call you would hate to miss, turning off your vibrate option is a phone trick that will save your android batter.

Use of black wallpaper

Believe it or not, black wallpaper is a proven android tip that works in order to save your android battery. Well, if your phone, like most Samsung Android phones uses an AMOLED screen, you should already be downloading an all-black wallpaper for your background as it is quite the effective phone trick you need. This is how it works, AMOLED screens are made to only to illuminate the colored screen pixels and selectively leaves the dark pixels unlit. What this consequently means is that the more the dark pixels are there, the little there is to light and therefore the more of your Android battery is saved.

The Doze Option

Android phones since the Marshmallow has come with this distinct option that helps your phone get into a hibernation mode when a considerable amount of time elapses without it having been used. This phone trick allows your phone to literally go to sleep when you do. This default enabled android battery saving option allows your Android phone to only consume a 3-5% of your charge as opposed to the quarter it would have consumed without this option. You should probably upgrade into an android to be able to enjoy this phone trick.

No more Auto Brightness

How long would you really need to adjust your phone’s brightness if the need arises? Not much of your time, of Corse. That’s why this android tip is essential. The auto brightness option consumes a lot of your Android battery in that it is always unnecessarily bright, way brighter than you actually need. Setting your phone’s brightness manually only when the need arises is an android tip that has actually worked for me.

Setting the ‘The Sleep’ or the ‘Do not Disturb’ Schedule.

This phone trick is actually used in the most Android phone to ensure that your android battery is saved in making sure that all the battery consuming functions are not in use when you do not need them to be. From switching off the wife/mobile data, to not ringing or even vibrate. This android tip goes a long way to ensure that as much of your battery gets saved.

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