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Battery Saving Tips for Android Phones

Battery Saving Tips for Android Phones
Battery Saving Tips for Android Phones
Battery Saving Tips for Android Phones

With allthe good features that come with Android smartphones, their one we must allagree is a phone trick that has eluded most of us, Android tips to save thebattery! Well, through some a bit of research and from personal experiences, Iam glad to announce a few of the Android tips you ought to be applied to saveyour battery.

Turning off the Vibrate Option

What mostpeople don’t realize is that the vibration option on your Android phone takesmost of your power, more than it does consume when in the ringing mode. Thebuzzing you feel when you type on your keys is also another battery powerconsumer I should point out. Unless you are in a noisy place and expects a veryimportant call you would hate to miss, turning off your vibrate option is aphone trick that will save your android batter.

Use of black wallpaper

Believe itor not, black wallpaper is a proven android tip that works in order to saveyour android battery. Well, if your phone, like most Samsung Android phonesuses an AMOLED screen, you should already be downloading an all-black wallpaperfor your background as it is quite the effective phone trick you need. This ishow it works, AMOLED screens are made to only to illuminate the colored screenpixels and selectively leaves the dark pixels unlit. What this consequentlymeans is that the more the dark pixels are there, the little there is to lightand therefore the more of your Android battery is saved.

The Doze Option

Androidphones since the Marshmallow has come with this distinct option that helps yourphone get into a hibernation mode when a considerable amount of time elapseswithout it having been used. This phone trick allows your phone to literally goto sleep when you do. This default enabled android battery saving option allowsyour Android phone to only consume a 3-5% of your charge as opposed to thequarter it would have consumed without this option. You should probably upgradeinto an android to be able to enjoy this phone trick.

No more Auto Brightness

How longwould you really need to adjust your phone’s brightness if the need arises? Notmuch of your time, of Corse. That’s why this android tip is essential. The autobrightness option consumes a lot of your Android battery in that it is alwaysunnecessarily bright, way brighter than you actually need. Setting your phone’sbrightness manually only when the need arises is an android tip that hasactually worked for me.

Setting the ‘The Sleep’ or the ‘Donot Disturb’ Schedule.

This phonetrick is actually used in the most Android phone to ensure that your androidbattery is saved in making sure that all the battery consuming functions arenot in use when you do not need them to be. From switching off the wife/mobiledata, to not ringing or even vibrate. This android tip goes a long way to ensurethat as much of your battery gets saved.

10 Best New Features in Android 7.0 Nougat

andriod Nougat 7
andriod Nougat 7 image
Android 7.0 Nougat

You asked for Operating Systems improvements, well Android7.0 Nougat is all about that and so much more. The new Category of the Android7.0 series is all about an extended functionality and major improvements thatwe cannot ignore from its predecessors. Well sit back and let me take youthrough the 10 reasons why you should be upgrading to the new Android 7.0Nougat.


Multitasking capability feature on Android 7.0 Nougat splitscreen is probably the most outstanding feature that will probably get thehighest Android 7.0 reviews yet. It allows users to be also to carry out twofunctions on the same screen simultaneously.  The Android 7.0 split screen is easy to use onespecially landscape mode of your screen.

Batter Battery Functionality.

Android 7.0 Nougat battery’s doze function is beyondimpressive. Long pressing your battery icon your Android 7.0 instantly leadsyou the full battery section of your Android OS. The doze mode in Android 7.0Nougat allows intensive power saves through periodic hibernations with periodicsyncs of data and tasks running. If this is not positively different, then Idon’t know what is.

Higher Speed.

The new Android 7.0 Nougat faster than any Android app hasever been. We all know how annoying it is when you are frantically trying toaccess an app and your OS just won’t get it. Well, say bye to that kind ofinconveniences for a lot of effort must have gone into making Android 7.0Nougat is the fastest OS ever.

Language Flexibility.

Android 7.0 Nougat has an impressive ability to set upmultiples language settings that you can momentarily switch from one to theother. Well if you are an Android user who is always on the go no other noneEnglish speaking locales then is one of the features that will work for you perfectly.

More Choice,Less Interruptions.

The do not disturb feature has clearly been a challenge toAndroid in its execution but I can say with utmost confidence that Android 7.0Nougat has finally nailed it. This feature gives Android users the option of choosingfrom having their phones on total silence mode, to Alarms only or make yourchoices depending on priority.

Better Camera Options

The other outstanding feature that comes with Android 7.0Nougat is its ability to an update to the Google Camera short cut that adds theability of switching from the back to the front Camera in an interesting twist.

Simplicity in App Changes.

With Android 7.0 Nougat, Android users are able to accessthe recent change in applications feature with ease. In comparison to AndroidMarshmallow whereby there would be numerous cards that were beyond confusing,Android 7.0 Cards are a bit larger and few. The Android app removes apps thathas not been used for a long time.

A personal Touch.

Believe it or not, Android 7.0 Nougat has tried to make yoursmart phone interactions as personals as possible. Through its extended emojifeature that enable Android 7.0 users to have their information be accompaniedby their personalities through the additional 72 Android emoji’s.

Customization of your Settings.

The other distinct Android 7.0 Nougat feature that is towrite home about is its new feature in being able to have your settingscustomized in the order of your most used five toggles at the top of yournotification shade. This Android version allows you to access yournotifications easily by just a drag from the top of the screen

More Secure.

Finally, what’s a phone with all that but lacks security?Well Android 7.0 Nougat answers that query for you. Android 7.0 gives youpowerful security encryptions that ensures private data remain secure.

Why Motorola Moto Z is good for an Entrepreneur.

moto-z image
Motorola Moto Z image
Motorola Moto Z

Being in business, you are probably looking for a phone thatis effective not only in terms of the timeline it’s going to be on for, butalso on the quality of service it offers you. As an entrepreneur, you want aphone a phone that assures you of reliability, Motorola Moto Z assures you thatand then some.

Impressive BatteryCapacity.

With a battery capacity of 2000mAh, there is so much businessto literally carry out on this phone. The Longevity this removable battery offersyou will ensure that none of your day to day client’s communication is held updue to lack of charge.

A 4 GB Random AccessMemory.

The Motorola Moto Z promises you a RAM memory of up to 4GB.The performance on this phone ensures that it’s a high operation phone thatwill allow all of your business learning applications are well installed andaccessed quickly and as randomly as you may require.

The 5.5’’ HighResolution Screen.

Moto Z Display image
Moto Z Display

The Motorola Moto Z’s 5.5 screen ensures that at a pointwhere you cannot access your PC, you are able to work on it almost just ascomfortably. Its 1440×2560 high resolution ensures that you have it easy towork on it.

It’s Operating System.

The Motorola Moto Z runs on the Android 6.0.1 operatingsystem. Obviously, the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is literally the bestOperating System we have right now in terms of speed and operational wise whosemain focus is improving your user experience.

The Impressive 21Mega Pixel Camera.

Moto Z Camera image
Moto Z Camera

 Being anentrepreneur, you obviously need a phone that will enable you take clear imageswhether there are document images to send over to clients or supplier, the MotoZ camera assures you clear shots of such documents. With the major shift inmarketing into the online marketing, you are able to advertise your productsonline through clear images taken by your camera.

Internal Storage,64GB.

The Moto Z prides itself to hold an internal memory of awhooping 64GB memory that is expandable via a micro SD up to 256GB.What youcannot save in this phone business documents wise with that kind of space issomething I would not really tell.


With a 4G connectivity, you are assured of a swift connectivityto access your emails as well as other websites of your interest yours includedas far as improving your business agility is concerned. We all know howannoying it normally has been with slow internet connectivity that doesn’treally give value to your money. Motorola Moto Z promises this to be a thing ofthe past.

It’s good pricing.

 Being an entrepreneur obviously means thatcost is something you have to seriously consider in comparison to the kind ofbenefits you are going to get out of this particular investment. I call it aninvestment because that is what I believe getting a Moto Z is. With all theabove features, I believe that any entrepreneur who is tech savvy and wants toleave an online mark, then the Motorola Moto Z is more than a step towards goodbusiness. It only goes for around $450.

Sony Vaio pro 13 vs Pro 11 What one to Choose?

sonay vaio pro 13 and 11-min
Sony Viao pro 13 vs Pro 11 image
Sony Vaio pro 13 vs Pro 11

The Sony Corporation has outdone itself this timeround. Their Viao Pro line has been launched and we must say, we are impressed.The two most outstanding of the line are the Sony Viao Pro 13 and the Sony ViaoPro 11. However, the more compact Sony Viao pro 11 will most definitely be theone most people will be going to the Sony Shop for these particular reasons;

The Sony Vaio Pro 11 is More Compatible.

Sony Vaio Pro 11 image

Sony Vaio Pro 11

Obviously the fact that it is a miniature version ofthe Pro 13 design wise does not escape our attention, but what really makesSony Viao Pro 11 a winner is the fact that its smaller in size and lighter,under 2 pounds, and therefore more comfortable in terms of mobility especiallyif you are a person whose work calls for you to be frequently on the go, thismeans you laptop bag just got smaller and for this reason alone, you might wantto be headed to a Sony shop for this sleek device.

Itis way cheaper.

The two Sony pro versions almost offer the same functionality (equal RAM) save for the size and space. It is for this reason that it is difficult to understand why Sony Corporation decided to have the two computers that differently priced. With the Sony Vaio Pro 11 retailing at around $1150, it’s Pro 13 counterpart retails at about $1250 depending on which Sony shop you go to obviously. It is, for this reason, I don’t see why you should pay more. It makes sense to get the Sony Vaio Pro 11 for seeing they are not that different.


The Sony Viao Pro 11 screen resolution in comparisonto the Viao Pro 13 is more refined probably accounting to the fact that it issmaller, at only 11.3’’ in comparison to the Pro 13’s which is 16.3’’ The SonyViao Pro 11 has better image clarity and for this reason (14% more pixels peran inch), they might be the popular version. You might want to visit a Sonyshop close to you to be able to review this for yourself.

HigherBattery-Power Retention.

With the battery fully charged and the screenbrightness adjusted accordingly, the Sony Viao Pro 11 is able to hold its powerfor up to 7 straight hours in comparison to the Viao pro 13 that goes for onlysix hours. Don’t you agree that going to a Sony shop and getting yourself aSony Viao Pro 11 makes more sense as opposed to the bigger version of itself.If you need more power for your PC, then Sony Corporation has had you covered,you can go to any of the Sony shop and get an external battery for your SonyViao Pro 11.

Itis fast.

Believe it or not, the Sony Viao Pro 11 has a recordboot time of less than 10 second and an equally impressive time of 2 seconds.Its solid state drive holds up to 128GB of data is also noteworthy as well asthe 1.6GHZ i5-4200U Central Processing Unit.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Specs, Price and Release Date.



Samsung Galaxy S8 Image
Samsung Galaxy S8

Nothing clearly is going to slow down Samsung. Their resolveto continue with their Samsung Galaxy Series despite having recalled theSamsung Galaxy note 7 has been clear through their announcement of releasingtheir Galaxy S8 next year, 2017. The unconfirmed date for the Galaxy S8 releaseis February 28. This is being done in an effort by Samsung to advertise a newupgrade program, tagged the “The Galaxy upgrade program” that allows those thatbought the ill-fated S7 the option to swap it with a Samsung Galaxy S8.However, according to Samsung, the availability of this service will be highlydependent on each country and it is therefore not clear whether it will bepossible to do this is Europe and the US among other parts of the world. It isprojected to go for $900.


Galaxy s8 Display image
Galaxy s8 Display

It is being claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in an impressive 5.2’’ screen with a resolution of up to 4k display with an incredible user interface. The High definition video quality plays on a keen resolution of about 4096 x 2160 megapixels. The Galaxy S8 has a screen is made of gorilla glass 5 and is, therefore, water and scratch resistance.


Galaxy s8 Camera image

Galaxy s8 Camera

With a primary rear Camera that prides 30 mega Pixel and anda front camera that sports 12 mega pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8. Take note thateven the front Camera has a dual LED flash.


The Galaxy S8 has an impressive internal memory of 64/128 GBthat has an expandable capability via an external SD card of about 256 Gigabytes. The other very distinct feature on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the smartoption of the 500mpbs read and write speed that really makes it very fast foryou transfer files to your Galaxy S8. It also comes with a 6GB RAM that isgoing to make it very fast in terms of its operations as well as running a highnumber of applications without any sign of “fatigue”.


With a non-removable battery of 6200mAh, the Samsung GalaxyS8 is the phone with the highest battery capacity yet. The Galaxy S8 comes witha wireless charger that has a quick charge option that assures you of up to 80percent battery charging in a span of 30 minutes.

Biometric Securityfeature.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a distinct feature thatemploys the use of a sensor on your finger print. The highly responsive sensormakes sure that the only person with access to your Galaxy S8 is only yourselfor any other person authorized by you given you are the only one to authorizeany access.


To begin with, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a 5.0Bluetooth connectivity capability which is the latest tech and is a HTMLsupported device. It also promises the strongest Wi-Fi direct hotspotconnectivity in comparison to the rest in the Samsung mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Specs and Price Confirmation.


I bet we can all now say in agreement that Samsung has outdone themselves once again, well if we decide not consider the misfortune that has befallen their note 7. The Samsung Galaxy C9 specifications are out and we are beyond impressed. We give you a reason to go get yourself one of these devices at only $478 that possesses the following features.


Well with only a 6.9mm thickness, your desire for a compatible device has been more than fully answered. The galaxy thinnest provides you with one of the slickest phones you will ever own and is quite easy to the eye.

6.0’’ Screen Display.


The Galaxy C9 comes with a 6’’ AMOLED capacitive touchscreen that prides a resolution of about 1080×1920 pixels which is an equivalent of 367ppi pixel density that is also multitouch. This is a phone that by far surpasses tablets given its size and its screen resolution.

Operating System.

The Samsung Galaxy C9 runs on the impressive Android v6.0.1 Marshmallow Operating System, as we know, one of the best OS’s there is. With an Octa-Core (4X2.0 GHz Cortex-A72 &4X4.1 GHz Cortex-A53) central processing unit, its performance will be one to write home about. We should also mention its Adreno 510 GPU.

Huge Storage.

With an impressive internal memory of up to 64 Giga Bytes,that is expandable with an external micro SD of maximum space of 256GB, it isquite clear that there is nothing you could literally not save in the SamsungGalaxy C9. I am yet to hold a phone that has Random Access Memory of thismagnitude, a 6GB RAM is more than enough to hold any number of Applications youmight require.

Similar Resolutionson its both Front and the Primary Cameras.

How impressive is the fact that Samsung has finally been able to deliver a gadget that allows your selfies to be on an equal resolution to the rest of your pictures. Apart from the fact that the back Camera has a dual LED flash and auto focus ability they are both are on an impressive 16 Megapixel Resolution.

The High Capability Battery.

The Galaxy C9 comes with a none-removable high capacity battery of about 4000mAh. Well, with this kind of battery ability, I bet this is the kind of a phone that gives you’re a myriad of options on what you can possibly do with your phone. From Video games to watching movies, the choice is really yours.  It also possesses the fast battery charging option that enables you to have your battery fully charged in a matter of minutes.

Its Connectivityfeatures.

With a Wi-Fi direct hotspot, you are enabled a WLAN consistent connectivity with your Samsung Galaxy C9. It also has an option of Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/gn/ac that I dual band. We can also not fail to mention the v4.2, A2DP, LE Blue tooth connectivity option the Galaxy C9 will be offering.

Other SpecificFeatures.

The Galaxy C9 comes with a Stereo FM radio that has RDS plusa recording capability and has a loud speaker option that could be substitutedwith a 3.5mm jack for head phones that has a noise reduction capability. The C9also has an MP4/WMA player that allows you to play your videos as well as yourmovies. The MP3/WAV//EAAC+/FLAC player allows you to play all of your audiofiles. We can also not forget to mention that it comes with a Photo/Videoeditor as well a document viewer. With provision of various color range, youwill either be choosing between  a Gold,Dark Grey or pink Gold Samsung Galaxy C9.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Review

Nokia Lumia 950
Nokia Lumia 950

Well if a phone that gives you similar features, performance wise at least to your Personal Computer is what you are looking for, then the Microsoft has the answer for you. The latest Microsoft updatethat is Lumia 950 from Microsoft is your perfect choice. The following is a Microsoft update on the most outstanding Lumia 950 Specs below;

Sports a Quad HDDisplay.

Nokia Lumia 950 HD Display
Nokia Lumia 950 HD Display

Microsoft is sparing nothing in their most recent Microsoftupdate on their line of mobile phones. The Lumia 950 can only be described as aforce to reckon with. It sports a Quad High definition Display on a 5.2’’screen that can only be a Microsoft update that is a WQHD amazing display resolutionof (2560 x 1440)

Runs on the Windows10 Operating System.

Microsoft Nokia Lumia Runs Windows 10
Microsoft Nokia Lumia Runs Windows 10

The latest Microsoft Update that is Lumia 950 operates onWindows 10 that ensures that from photos, your Microsoft Office documents arekept in sync across the rest of your devices. Among other Lumia 950 Specs isthe fact that all of your applications, music, video files as well as yourgames are housed in the same banner under the new Windows store. The processoris very fast in the new Microsoft Update and this could easily be the majorselling point of all the other Lumia 950M specs considered. It has the abilityto run the most demanding apps at quite impressive speed.

The HighCapacity-Quick Charge battery is an outstanding Microsoft Update.

Adding to the new Lumia 950 Specs is the replaceable 3000mAhbattery that has a 3.85 Voltage and not only holds the Microsoft Update to fastcharging(up to 50% in 30 minutes) it also to be gives you the wireless charging option. The battery standby timecan go up to an impressive 11 days.

The Microsoft Updateon the Lumia 950 Memory is unbelievable.

Adding to the increasingly impressiveLumia 950m specs is its 3GB RAM(explains why it’s that fast), andan internal mass memory of 32GB that is expandable with a micro SD memory cardof up to 200GB. If there is a Microsoft update that had me gaging, then thiswas it.

Powerful Camera.

High Quality Camera Result
High Quality Camera Result

The Microsoft update on the Lumia 950 would not be completewithout mentioning the 20 mega pixel camera that has a triple LED natural flashand the outstanding Rich Capture Feature. New Lumia also includes a new photoapp that helps you sync your photos across your other devices. Microsoft hasreally the plan to keep your memories safe and yet quickly available.

How about as a CPU?

Believe it or not, the Microsoft Update to the Lumia 950specs has finally made it possible for you to use you Lumia 950 as a PC! Allyou need is a Monitor, a Keyboard and a mouse through the use of a MicrosoftDisplay Dock create a big screen –optimized working area to ensure you are abit more productive as opposed to using your phone to type those emails.